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We receive many requests to write stories about amazing humans, doing incredible things but every once in a while (daily) we get a request to write about a person doing something for charity that needs to be paid for.


South Africa (9 March 2018) – Let me explain… I recently received a request to write an article for someone climbing Kilimanjaro for charity… but had a huge problem with the way funds were being used.

The person in question wanted to raise money for a really good cause but first needed people to give about R70 000 for the actual Kilimanjaro climb (once you factor in flights, climbing gear and mountain guides, it could even be more).

That’s like saying: pay for me to go on holiday & while I’m there… pay me some more & then I’ll give that to Charity.

My problem was that I felt that the person wasn’t actually doing anything to make a difference besides achieving their own bucket list goal. They weren’t even planning on contributing a cent to the expedition or to the charity in question.

They were just getting paid to get to the top of Kilimanjaro.

Would it not make more sense to take ALL the money, not climb the mountain & give it to charity in the first place?

It sounds bizarre putting it down on paper, but the reality is that you have most probably paid someone to do something for ‘charity’ in the past… without actually knowing that your money was going towards the expedition instead of the cause.

If you want to climb a Kilimanjaro or any other mountain, but need funds to pay for that climb then rather start a crowd-funding site to help you get to the top while not dragging ‘charity’ into the mix.

There are more than enough avenues to really give back in South Africa without having the “ra-ra” of an expedition to get you there. And also… the funds being raised for these charities ultimately go back to those charities.

So I’ve decided to not support your ‘charity’ climb to Kilimanjaro or swim around Mauritius, or any other crazy expedition that you need us to pay for. And instead, I am sharing sites for you to give back to people who need it most (where all the funds would go back to the people that need it most).

These are just four that we have personally worked with and can recommend without any hesitation:


Forgood is an online platform that connects people who want to make a difference to Causes that need their help. They create Social Citizens! On forgood, you can explore the database of verified Non-Profit Organisations (Causes), volunteer your time and skills, donate goods or give back on your own terms by creating an Offer to Causes in your area.

More importantly, forgood strives to create meaningful and impactful connections between people and Causes. All Causes on forgood capture EXACTLY what they need on their profiles. This creates better matches – allowing you to find something you’re passionate about that a Cause also really needs.

GEM Project

GEM (or Going the Extra Mile) is an awesome way for you to create social change in your community – and then be rewarded for it! Think of it as a loyalty programme for community service. Just download the app, find a cause that suits you, attend one of the events, and earn GEMs (redeemable points) for your good work.

GEM offers a mobile payment platform to reward social action in RSA.

  • Users earn GEMs by volunteering their time and efforts to helping improve their community.
  • Users spend GEMs on digital rewards incl. airtime, electricity, data, movie tickets and grocery vouchers.
  • R1 = 1 GEM

Opening a GEM account is quick, easy and FREE. You can sign-up straight from your mobile and start earning GEMs – wherever you go. Good Deeds, Great Rewards.


BackaBuddy is an online fundraising platform that is designed to help individuals raise funds for causes they are passionate about. These causes can range from registered nonprofit organisations to individuals who need funds for a variety of reasons, including medical expenses, studies etc.

BackaBuddy believes in the power of individual philanthropy and peer to peer giving through technology.

Better SA

Described by South Africa’s media as ‘the Uber of volunteering’, Better SA offers Saturday morning excursions from designated bus hubs around Johannesburg to NPOs in need of volunteer skills and sweat equity. For those wanting to give back but not knowing where to start, Better SA takes all the hassle out of volunteering.

All the volunteer has to do is book their spot on one of the busses and arrive at the bus hub. The service is free of charge and coordinated from start to finish so that volunteers can make the most impact in the time they have available.

Sources: Good Things Guy | Brent Lindeque 
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