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An image of a large man supporting the ANC, kicking a woman on the ground went viral and sparked outrage. The woman was tracked down and now she is being helped out in the best way!


The man in the picture caused outrage when the image went viral. Within a matter of hours, the man in question had handed himself over and was suspended with immediate effect. But this story isn’t about him or his disgusting behaviour. It is about Olivia Mokete, the woman in the picture.

Olivia was one of many people on the back of a bakkie that had been targeted by an angry group of ANC supporters. The bakkie had stopped at a robot when the assault occurred. Many of the people managed to jump off and run away but Olivia was trapped by the violent men.

We refuse to showcase the video here on the Good Things Guy website, it is violent and angers us deeply, but for reference, you can view it on Twitter here.

Dianne Bayley had seen this too and could not let it end this way. She pooled all her resources and worked to track down Olivia. Her hopes are to raise funds to make sure that Olivia has a decent home before winter arrives.

“This is not political. It’s about helping this older lady, Olivia Makete who was beaten in the street by a VERY large man, get a wooden wendy house to live in. Have my guy in Orange Farm tracking her down”

While they searched for Olivia, Dianne started raising funds to help get Olivia a better home for winter. She managed to raise R1600.00 in a few hours. She then emailed us at Good Things Guy and asked if we could help get the story out. We agreed and put Dianne in contact with our friends at BackaBuddy who could help her raise funds and manage the purchase of a new home for Olivia.

“I’d love to make this a “we take action” project. We have already received R1 600 – thank you, Joburg, Cape Town and Toronto! Not far to go now. We are better than politics.”

The goal is to raise R10,000.00 and already they are making their way to that goal thanks to the generous hearts in South Africa.

Olivia’s address has been located, but we believe she remains unaware of the surprise in store for her. Dianne plans to visit her and tell her the great news. She will be posting pictures and we cannot wait to share the news once she gets her new house.

You can help Olivia get a new home by donating on BackaBuddy here.

Sources: BackaBuddy
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