The Character Company is a long term mentorship programme for young boys growing up with absent fathers – raising boys to be good men.

The Character Company‘s goal is to help to change South Africa’s current culture of violence and abuse through an initiative for boys helping them to grow into good men by instilling honorable values.”

The problem that we face in our country is far bigger than the solution that The Character Company can offer so changing the mindset of people out there is a huge priority for them.  The more awareness that they can create about the impact of absent fathers on our families and society, the more people will start paying attention and the more attention they pay, the more solutions they will have.


“There is a quote by Albert Einstein that I just love and live by and it says; this world is not a dangerous place because of those people who do harm, it is dangerous because of those people that look at it and do nothing”.  says Jaco, the founder of The Character Company.

That is the message that The Character Company want to get out there – to everyone – men and woman – each one of us can be a Fatherhood Ambassador and each one of us can in some way, big or small, contribute to raise a generation of better men and we can surely all agree that this is something that we desperately need.

“More men that are prepared to stand up for what is right, stand up against what is wrong and live by a certain set of values that make our communities a safer place to walk in – especially for woman and children!”

In order to do that they need more people!

Fatherhood Ambassadors, MENtors, big brother’s, etc.  There is simply no one person out there that has nothing to give to raising boys to be better men.  With every person the rest of the required resources fall in place – new ideas, financial support opportunities, networking, advocacy – you name it!


For more information or to offer a helping hand, visit The Character Company’s website or Facebook Page.

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