Two incredible woman have started the most amazing campaign. Women helping other women, and its making waves in South Africa.

Cleone Prodromos and her cousin started Get Up Woman 2 months ago. They decided to start with building a small network of woman to assist each other. Assistance in terms of a listening ear, a lift, or even food if needed.

Within the short 2 months that they have been running this campaign they have accumulated a whopping 3500 members.

“We feel that the support for middle class average South African woman is non existent. Our plan is to change that. We have been working on this concept for 11 yrs. The single mom, the one income family or the below the breadline family, that’s where we feel we need to focus.”

Get up woman will not accept donations as they do not class themselves as a charity organisation.

“Once we register as a charity it gets dictated to us who we can and cannot help. We feel that ALL woman regardless of race, income or situation should be helped. So our plan is to continue Get Up Woman simply as a networking company.”

They have hosted an event in Joburg, and are in the planning stages of their next event. They plan to spread their wings to Cape Town, Durban & PE in the near future. These events are purely motivational, to give woman that are battling with ANYTHING a bit of a boost, where woman can form friendships, be inspired,  promote their company or even bounce ideas to to earn an income. 

They use the funds earned from the events, to pay it forward & help woman in need. If you are a “member” of Get Up, Woman & you participate wherever you can, whether its in the form of money or just a helping hand, you will have the full support from the organisation.  Whatever it is that you may need help with, they will do whatever they can, to support you.

We have all been in that situation where pay day is either too far away or currently non existent. Myself and Cleone will be very involved behind the scenes getting to know the ladies in order to assist you as we are aware that there will be people who simply take a chance. Once again as proven with this page,  this concept is meaningless without the support of everyone. Let’s all Stand Up for each other.”

So far they have proven that they can!

“With our first event we have been able to feed 7 families, find work for a handful and clothes for the children from these families”

They have an amazing track record so far, they raised over R3000 for Stepping Stone Hospice & managed to give a terminal patient an amazing day with over 500 bikers.

“Ladies on our closed group on Facebook share the intimate details of their lives to help inspire and motivate others.  A certain magic happens when they share.  Woman reading the stories find solace and comfort in knowing the life struggles they face they do not face alone. “

They have attorneys, life coaches and trauma councillors on the group who assist the woman with the problems they are facing.

Sources: Facebook
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  2. Good Day my name is Natalie. I am 24 and in desperate need of employment. As I only have grade 10 ,many companies reject my CV. Please help.

    Many thanks

  3. Hi my name is Sue please help me with a job i have to feed my family please i dont know what to do anymore….

  4. Good day

    I need your assistance with a similar project in mind in Cape Town.

    I need guidance and support. Would like to launch in this month still

    Please let me know if you can assist me in this.

    thanking you
    regards wilna

  5. I have nearly 40 years experience in the Printing Industry as typesetter and designer. According to employers I am too old to work. I cannot afford to retire now. Looking for two years but absolutely nothing.

    I started to crochet beanies and headbands and also for winter earwarmers, bootcuffs, fingerless gloves, scarfs, etc. Try to find a market that I can at least make a bit of money and not just to pay the table.

  6. Hi ladies, my name is Mariana I am urgently looking for a job. I am a mother of 2 boys the ages 3 and 4. My husband is unemployed as well and I am currently working at a butcher and I am earning not a lot of money I am a cashier so as everyone knows cashiers earn minimum wages please if anyone know of office positions please contact me on 061 446 8084 this is my husbands no as I do not have a phone at the moment. I really need to get something asap please guys I can’t even afford to put the boys in a chreche so my husband can go look for work cause I earn to little

  7. I would like to know more about the organization, I’m a single divorced mom of two girls. Very overwhelming…

  8. Goodday
    Im a 32 year old married mom of two from capetown. me and my family are in desperate need of a husband is employed and im not. I try to help put food on the table by making things…and doing some selling here and there. I havent been able to work fulltime as our youngest of 4yrs has behavioural problems. I would like to start my own clothing line and ive left it in God’s hands. Im a christian woman. Although my husband does his best to provide he is verbally and emotionally abusive. We are living in rather unpleasant and unhealthy circumstances and that has placed huge strain on our marriage too. But his always been abusive. We currently live with my parents and my brothers with their families. I cannot bare to live amongst them any longer. So me and my mom are being taken for granted and abused by our husbands and my terrible brothers. How can you help us. Id like to become a member of you too.
    Regards xandra

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