A police officer in Cape Town spends his mornings doing the most phenomenal acts of kindness

Police Officer

A police officer in Cape Town spends his mornings before work cooking breakfast for the homeless in his surrounding area’s, using his own salary.


The news is often filled with negative stories about police officer related incidents. Thankfully there are amazing police officers across the country that go above and beyond the call of duty. They work to make sure that the communities they serve are taken care of.

Meet Warrant officer Andries Douglas, a man with a heart of gold! This isn’t the first time we have shared a story about this generous cop, last year during the ice cold winter mornings Andries would walk along the streets and place an extra blanket on top of a sleeping homeless person. He did it to ensure they were warm enough and instantly warmed our hearts!

Today we have a new one, Warrant officer Andries Douglas is being called ‘the chef to the homeless’. This is because in the mornings before his shift he cooks a warm breakfast for the homeless.

“Chef to the homeless; setting up a mobile breakfast station in under 2 minutes. Serving my people and engaging with them is the best way to start my day.” 

“Just a little bit of time and cash and I was able to feed 37 people spending a few minutes per area. Go to where they are and you’ll be met with gratitude and friendship!”

Andries set up his gas skottle and made warm scrambled eggs. Each person he fed got two slices of bread with eggs and some cherry tomatoes. He went to different places in Ceres, Western Cape to ensure many were fed. He used his own salary to buy the food and supplies to cook.

“I believe in policing from the heart, the one thing you cannot take from me is my passion for the work”

He aims to touch the hearts of those he cares for and in the process has touched the hearts of many more people who read his story.

Police OfficerPolice OfficerPolice Officer Police Officer

As winter has encroached Andries has been handing out warm blankets to the homeless in and around his area. This man is a local hero! Which is why he is our SPAR Hero of the Week!

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