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Tired of the constant negative newsreel, one Twitter user asked people to share nice stories about celebs and the responses were heartwarming!


Over the last few years, celebs have been in the headlines for every reason. People finally have the courage to come out and speak about their celebrity experiences. Most of it isn’t always positive.

The focus on bad celebs who do bad things had been escalated and the celebs that do good things are being forgotten because sadly good news doesn’t sell many newspapers and magazines!

One Twitter user decided enough was enough and asked their followers to share “nice allegations” about a celeb.

The response was fantastic and people started sharing some really amazing stories about celebs they have encountered and the good deeds they had seen celebs do.

One user recalled a day about 6 years ago when Robin Williams confronted a man for bullying a homeless person. Another shared a beautiful story about Coldplay’s Chris Martin.


These stories are all so heartwarming and remind us that even celebrities are kind people.  There are thousands of responses to the original question and even more responses on each response. It seems that in this big world celebrities have touched the lives of many people.

Have you ever had a positive encounter with a celebrity? Share it in the comments section.

Sources: Twitter
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