South Africans work together to save the life of 7 year old in need of new liver

Liver Transplant

Amile was diagnosed with Liver Cirrohosis when she was three years old, she has done really well but now requires a liver transplant so SA are helping pay.


Phiwo Hlongwane made a plea for people to please help her daughter get access to a liver transplant. All she needs is to raise the funds needed for the surgery. So Phiwo set up a crowdfund on backabuddy to ask people for help.

She shared Amile’s story about how she was diagnosed with Liver Cirrohosis when she was three. Now at age 7 Amile needs a transplant. She was able to manage the symptoms for a long time with regular doctors visits and good home care.

However her case has changed as her condition has gotten worse and her liver is in need of replacing.

“She has been placed on the national transplant list as we are not able to afford the cost of her liver transplant and rehabilitation thereafter, but there is no telling how long it will take to get to the top of that list. We’ve been told that if we can get the money together we can make an application to the hospital in Johannesburg where she would undergo surgery.”

Donations have started flooding in. From pre-school centres to engineering firms and every kind of person in-between. The operation and rehabilitation will total a very scary R2 million. While Amile is waiting on the transplant list her mother is raising the money to pay for it.

To help Amile get her liver transplant you can donate to the fund here.

Sources: backabuddy
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