Sister’s Sophie and Louise were born in the DRC but were raised in South Africa. They have built a foundation that will unite woman in their diversity.


The Sophie A Kanza Foundation is a Non-profit and was created to empower and unite woman from all over the African continent. Sophie and Louise faced some tough times together and with the help of others they were able to get out on top.

They were so grateful to everyone that helped, they decided to pay the good deeds forward and created the foundation to do so.

“We work to recruit African and Local youth to work together. We have successfully brought together a number of African nationals including Tanzania, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Congo Brazzaville, Gabon, Malawi, Lesotho but the majority being South African youth.”

The foundation aims to bring youth together because it is important for youth to know that they can make a difference, regardless of their nationality, race, creed or financial status.

Building friendships and learning from and about each other’s cultures is also important to the foundation.

“We encourage the youth to go out and make a difference in people’s lives. To create a culture of Good Deeds.” 

Some of the projects the foundation has worked on are awe inspiring! From fully funding the martic dances of 5 young woman at the Malaika Orphanage to collecting sanitary supplies and distributing them to shelters and older girls at orphanages.

Over the festive season they collected care packs for 50 new born babies born on Christmas Eve and Morning. They are the true embodiment of “Girl Power”!

The ladies personally advocate for young girls, youth volunteerism, sanitary issues, anti-Xenophobia and children.

You can see their passions in all the good work they do within the local communities, the Foundation has become so successful in Johannesburg that places as far as Cape Town have invited the Sophie A Kanza foundation to visit them.

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