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This year marks the 10th anniversary of a partnership between the Herbalife Family Foundation and Acres of Love. For the last 18 years, Acres of Love have been providing support and care for orphans across the country.


There are currently 29 Acres of Love Forever Family Homes in operation, with 24 in Johannesburg and 5 in Cape Town. 110 dedicated and passionate employees care for almost 200 children across the Acres of Love Forever Family Homes network.

The Herbalife Family Foundation supports Acres of Love as part of its Casa Herbalife programme; providing monetary contributions and volunteering that go towards ensuring the healthy nutrition of each child in the Homes.

Gerda Audagnotti, Co-founder and CEO of Acres of Love, says: “We currently care for children with medical conditions such as HIV/AIDS, paralysis, Spina Bifida, Cerebral Palsy, CHARGE Syndrome, Down Syndrome, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, hearing and vision impairments, Autism, and clubfeet.”

“Herbalife’s partnership to ensure that these children have nutrient-rich diets, filled with fruits and vegetables, is extremely foundational in their overall health. With excellent medical, emotional, educational, and nutritional care we have seen incredible transformations in the lives of our children as we meet their needs with love and dignity. We are incredibly grateful for Herbalife’s commitment to bring health and holistic care to the children we serve!”

The mission of Acres of Love is to rescue and care for children who are abandoned or orphaned due to AIDS, abuse, and extreme poverty in South Africa. They also advocate for the rights of orphans to obtain world class health-care, education, and nutrition.

As Acres of Love takes a holistic approach to caring for their children, nutrition plays an integral role which means that each child in their care has three nutritious meals a day and that they have the correct diet for their individual needs.

On Thursday, 17th of November, Herbalife team members visited the Acres of Love Home in Bryanston to engage with the children whom they assist through their partnership.

“Diet is extremely important for our children with special needs. One of my girls was diagnosed with many learning challenges. Instead of immediately putting her on meds, our entire house has changed our diets to incorporate fresh fruits and vegetables and remove unhealthy starches. As a result, she’s doing better in school and at home,” says House Mother, Christina Monare.

Thilo Naidoo, Country Director of Herbalife Southern Africa, says: “Our partnership with Acres of Love speaks directly to the core values of Herbalife and we look forward to the years ahead with Acres of Love. Seeing the direct impact of our contributions shows us that the partnership is one that is of immense value to those that need it most.”


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