Watch: A Comrades runner shows medal to her daughter and gets the best reaction ever!

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“Go, Mom!” was the reaction Redi Tlhabi got from her daughter as soon as she handed over her Comrades Medal. Twitter is loving it…


Redi Tlhabi, a talk show host, broadcaster and award-winning author, recently ran the Comrades Marathon. When she got home, she showed her daughter the medal. Her reaction was the cutest and Twitter users are loving the sweet moment.

Redi’s daughter Neo, wore the medal, looking down at it, she exclaimed: “Go, Mom!”. The moment spurred on a laugh from Redi who then went on to explain that she was in a fair bit of pain. This then dawned on Neo and she changed her tune. She picked up the medal and said: “Sorry, Mom!”. The moment is pure gold!

The Comrades this year was a down run and for Redi, it was her 6th race. This year, she found it a challenge and even took a hard tumble with 5km to go. She spoke of how amazing it was that her fellow runners, exhausted in their own rights, stopped and picked her back up.

“I fell HARD with 5km to go. The number of runners who stopped immediately & pulled me up! And I wasn’t the only “Fallist”…many of us hit the ground but were lifted up by equally fatigued runners.”

Many Twitter followers have given their support and congratulations. Most confirming the Neo is the cutest kid in town and others saying how striking and similar mom and daughter are.

“Aw. …so gorgeous. Well done Redi. She is a fortunate nunu to have you as mom and inspiration.” – Lucia Friedman

Watch the adorable moment below.

Sources: Twitter
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