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Pregnant women are a gift, they are carrying life into the world but sometimes by doing so, they experience things that are just too funny not to laugh at.


Scary Mommy, a helpful website for all kinds of moms, asked what was the craziest thing that someone ever cried over during their pregnancy. The responses were so funny, heart-warming and sweet that we felt all kinds of emotions reading them.

Women go through a rollercoaster of body changes, hormone shifts and mood swings when bringing life into this world. They face feelings and emotions they would never have if not pregnant so being able to hear their stories in this lighthearted manner has made us all laugh a little.

Kate Braidich shared her food craving story:

It was almost my 3rd trimester, and all day at work, I had been craving a subway sandwich with mayonnaise. Mostly just the mayonnaise and the sandwich was the transport for it. Dinner time comes and as I’m placing my order at the counter I blurted out Ranch instead of mayonnaise, and before I could correct myself, it was poured across that footlong. I’ve never sent food back, so I took my sandwich home, sat down on the couch and started bawling my eyes out. My husband had no clue what was happening, so I explained my pregnancy brain. He offered to go buy me a new one, but I insisted that I didn’t want to waste more time or money. So I ate my ranch covered sandwich, crying the entire time. He looked at me in terror and asked if it was any good, and with a mouthful, I replied, “It’s amazing”

Caitlin Bowman shared how she had forgotten her manners:

I didn’t get out much when I was pregnant so one day I went to a thrift store and as I was checking out, the lady at the cash register told me to have a nice day and I was so not used to people talking to me, I didn’t say anything back. So I went out to my car and cried because I didn’t tell her to have a nice day as well.

I went back in, red-faced and still crying, and told her I hoped she had a good day too.

Jill Busse Fetcho literally cried over spilt milk:

I was days away from having our 3rd child and I spilt milk in our new car. As I was cleaning it up I was bawling because it was our first new car and I felt I had ruined it.

We still laugh about it today because I was crying over spilt milk.

Kristen Hipp shared how she lost a “loved” one”

There was a spider in the corner of the bathroom. Normally I would kill it or attempt to capture and release it. I decided that it wasn’t hurting anything and could continue to live there. I called it “Corner Spider” and instructed my husband not to kill it. All was well until my MIL came to visit for Thanksgiving. She killed Corner Spider! I sobbed over the demise of my 8-legged friend. RIP, Corner Spider.

All these stories have one common theme, that moms are awesome! We love hearing moms support each other during their funny, or not so funny times.

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