Watch: An adorable South African toddler prays for something important but it isn’t water…


Taylor, the adorable South African toddler, is back and making the internet fall in love with her all over again. Her mother filmed her praying and what she asked Jesus for had us in stitches of laughter. Her innocents and sass are a wonderful combo.


Taylor’s mom, Kim Morrison, says she started a Facebook page for her daughter to help spread the joy her little one has brought to her but she never expected it to get so big, so quickly. The Facebook page, Taylor’s “Terrible/Cute Two’s”, was started in June 2017, has gained over 109 000 followers.

The sassy little toddler brings so many laughs and smiles to her audience and the best part is, she isn’t coached in saying any of the things she says. She has a raw attitude that melts hearts!

In Taylor’s latest video, she is filmed praying for the WiFi to work. Her mother asks her why she is praying for the WiFi when she should be praying for hungry children or water for Cape Town. She was insistent that the WiFi was important because it helped her watch YouTube and play games.

Her followers have melted at the adorable video saying,

You are absolutely gorgeous Taylor, we love you. You are so funny and precious. We all love social media, and never want to be without it. I can imagine how you feel. Your prayer will be answered mainly because you are just being yourself, and honest. Bless you.” – Annette Toohey

I’m in love with this child!!! She is sooooo cute and mature!! Would love to spend just a half an hour with her! She is absolutely soul food!!” – Jacolene Tap

Watch the video below.

Taylor prays for wifi

Posted by Taylor's "Terrible/Cute Two's" on Sunday, 4 February 2018

Sources: Facebook
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