Watch: The presidents “Shut Up” comment has become a catchy remix

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Max Hurrell is back with another remix based on typical South African Parliamentary shenanigans, this time the video features the new President of SA.


Max Hurrell has a talent for turning parliamentary shenanigans into catchy remixes. They are enjoyed by the public and tend to go viral almost instantly.

The last time we featured the artist’s videos, it was the one relating to Julias Malema’s comment during a no-confidence motion. He was questioning the sobriety of a fellow politician. The video has since been removed from social media but the effect was much the same as this new one.

“Next time you must bring breathalysers here, how can a normal sober person say such a thing?” – Julius Malema

The EFF erupted into laughter while Julius was urged to retract what he had said. Max Hurrell took the moment to create a remix of the funny comment. Max is a music producer and DJ from Cape Town.

While the state of our beautiful country is no laughing matter, a little humour definitely helps cut the tension… or at least helps you disguise your tears as ‘laughing tears’.

The time before that, he created a music remix of former president Jacob Zuma attempting to recite a rather large number. A moment very few South Africans will ever forget.

Thankfully, since that original video was posted we have a new president… who unfortunately is the lastest person to be remixed by Max.

We will leave the opinions about political nature behind the outburst up to the experts and focus on the never-failing humour that South Africans possess.

Watch the video below.

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