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A Durbanite has written a post thanking the looters for uniting South Africa – “You tried, you’re still trying, but you are failing. We are rising.”


KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa (17 July 2021) – A South African has written an open letter to the country, but more specifically to thank and forgive the looters.

A message from Durban!

There are no words to describe the magic that is amongst our motherland right now. The magic of its people rising together… a new dawn! An incredible sense of unity and pride!

There are queues for miles for food, but there is calm, there is order, and there is a newfound respect for one another. There is love on the streets like never before. We are tired, but we are cleansed. We have shredded the layer of fear that we have carried around for so long – the fear of ‘what will be when they come?’. ‘They ‘ being the SMALL group of evil individuals that have tried so hard to tear us apart by lying and brainwashing the people of our land.

There is a sense that the tragic events that have happened over the past few days will go down in history as a major turning point in our country.

So I am going to thank and forgive the small group of evil individuals that plotted this strategic move to try to bring South Africans to their knees. You tried, you’re still trying, but you are failing. You see, the people of South Africa are now seeing you for what you really stand for. Your strategic evil plan did not work. In fact, it’s done quite the opposite. The people see you now. They have seen the darkness. We see you.

Where there is darkness, there is always light. And by God’s grace, the light is shining bright today.

Ubuntu is alive and well and thriving. The community cleanups are incredible, and the rebuilding has already begun. Only now, the foundations of our building are stronger. They are being built on love – love for one another, love for this beloved county and love for our incredible people.

We are rising.

Continue to reach out and help where you can during this time of need for supplies. Take peace in knowing too this is a temporary discomfort – there are amazing individuals and companies that are putting plans in place to resolve our supply problem quickly. Keep in mind we do not have a food shortage problem in South Africa. We simply have a logistical issue at the moment and need to keep our truckers, owners of our stores and their staff safety first.

Tammy LootsDurban
Proudly South African

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead

Throughout all the heartache of South Africa’s recent struggles, we have had people reaching out to offer help and wanting to know where they can do so. As usual, we love helping direct people to important causes, so we have compiled a working list of organisations to support.

If you are looking for ways to volunteer your time or funds, you can reach out to any of the organisations listed here.

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Brent Lindeque is the founder and editor in charge at Good Things Guy.

Recognised as one of the Mail and Guardian’s Top 200 Young South African’s as well as a Primedia LeadSA Hero, Brent is a change maker, thought leader, radio host, foodie, vlogger, writer and all round good guy.

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  1. Wow! What a luck for me Brent, I never heard of you, but today I have been listining to your interview with my favourate personality Prof Adv T. Madonsela on her social justice pursuit and I’m very much impressed. In short I’d like to follow you and her through you. I’m not educated, but tried to write a book called “The Dangerous Silent Killer. ” it’s about noise pollution and its negative social justice impact. It is with publishers now and I am sponsored by my young brother to publish it. This is what Prof mentioned on your interview. I so wish that you can read it first and pass it to the Professor when published, or I can email you a copy if you see fit. That is why I say I am lucky. Thank you Brent, – Siphosenkosi Mtetwa

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