A group of off-duty police officers saw a man approaching a car pulled over in a crime hotspot on the highway, as they approached they saw a distressed mother with her two children inside.


A group of cops may have saved the life of a mother and her two young children. Nobuhle Hlangu had run out of petrol in an area classified as a robbery hotspot.

When Nobuhle realised she was about to run out of petrol, panic set in. She checked her purse only to see she had no cash. She then reached for her phone but the battery had died. Stressed out in a dangerous place with her two young children was an understatement. It started to get dark and Nobuhle was losing hope.

Meanwhile, on the roadside, a man had noticed the car stranded there and with bad intentions, started walking over to the car. It was this man’s actions that caught the attention of a car filled with off-duty police officers.

Inspector Mervin Knowles, the shift commander for Law Enforcement Ottery Rapid Response Unit and his colleagues, Gaynor Julius, Nande Gill, Chanel Isaacs and Roland Linnert were travelling home on Jakes Gerwel Drive when they noticed the car stuck at a known hot spot for smash and grabs.

By the time the officers pulled over, the man was standing at the passenger window of Nobuhle’s car. The man ran off as soon as the officers approached. They moved her car off the road and went to check on her.

“When we arrived there, the woman already had a man standing by her passenger door,“ explains Knowles.

“I pulled up in front of the vehicle and we pushed the vehicle out of the road. The lady informed us that she got stuck without fuel.” – Inspector Mervin Knowles

The inspector let Nobuhle use his phone and gave his colleagues money to purchase some petrol for her. Nobuhle said she was grateful for the help.

“I am so grateful because we arrived home safely. Thank you to Law Enforcement.” – Nobuhle Hlangu

This is a very happy ending all thanks to these off-duty police officers!


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